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Nov 25 2020
Hispanic Caucus endorses Castro for Foreign Affairs gavel
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Nov 23 2020
I took the COVID vaccine to show anti-vaxxers that science works
Coronavirus updates: Donald Trump Jr. tests positive; 471k US deaths by March, model estimates; CDC recommends against Thanksgiving travel
NYC mayor defends decision to close public schools as virus cases rise
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Nov 15 2020
Hanson: Polls, Mail-in balloting under new scrutiny
Biden aide says no U.S.-wide COVID lockdown planned as West Coast states advise against travel - Reuters
Nov 13 2020
A record number of women will serve in the next Congress
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Cuomo beefing up National Guard presence at airports after refusing to do so during summer of protests
Cuomo upping National Guard presence in NY airports to check for fliers' negative coronavirus test results
Georgia runoff gives new life to U.S. Senate bid of pastor of Martin Luther King's church - Reuters
Nov 06 2020
Glum U.S. House Democrats lament 2020 election losses - Reuters
"The economy trumps the pandemic." A list of the most likely explanations for how it happened if Trump wins.
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