The Activis Vision : Public Interfaces for Democracy is the interface for a more equitable democracy. is a non-profit initiative to aggregate essential political and government data which can best inform the public on matters that impact their lives.

Investigate, Follow, Share & Donate to political activity that impacts your life! .

Activis believes in a FACTS FIRST discource, and has built the digital infrastructure to allow users to follow facts, share facts, share their opinion on facts. Whether a legislative action, an official vote, an article, a statement or other in-real-life action - these are facts which form the core of the Activis vision.

Activis is focused on bringing accessibility and transparency to U.S politics through one interface which is continuously evolving, in order to inform and educate the public in all walks of life and through generations. We aim to provide a legal, non-violent community platform for real activism.

Follow, Share, Post

Follow : If a user registers for an account, they can follow elected officials, bills, and causes of interest

Share : Using the Activis Share feature visitors to Activis can share any content item to their social networks

Post : Registered users can post "mentions", which allow opinions to be shared - but only if a "fact-item" is attached! A "fact-item" is a real-world action

Activis Newsletter

Activis News is delivered through a personalized email newsletter that you can personalize! Just follow any elected official or bill, select causes you are interested in, and get activity updates for each with associated news, aggregated in daily, weekly or monthly emails.

Journal of Democracy

The "Journal" is the stream of activity, data and news flowing from elected officials, legislation and news media into an incorruptible data store for posterity. The "Journal of Democracy" is one continuous document of fact that can act as the reference to the real life activity within our democractic system, a central data store of certainty as evidence of FACT that all opinion can be compared to. The Journal of Democracy will be embedded as relief in the immutable store of the blockchain, it is democracy written into the annals of our times.

Activis News

Activis News pulls articles from major news media outlets according to the elected officials mentioned in those articles. Our Activis News algorithm will evolve with greater complexity over time, the goal is to understand a users interests when they follow elected officials and legislation and then find the articles that discuss the action and activity from those two sources. In this way, we can support the factual activity item with well considered, thoughtful journalism. Our aim is to couple journalism with the factual source to give the public a single place to review all sides of a fact, and come to an informed conclusion.

Elected Official Profiles

Our elected official profiles with contact information are aggregating multiple activity types - official statements, votes on bills, sponsored and co-sponsored bills, mentions in news and tweets.

Our goal is to be able to add much more information to the profiles, delving into any essential information that is available but inaccessible to the general public due to that data being so hard to find. These profiles centralize an aggregate of disparate information.

Please contribute by donating to allow us to continue to add essential data to these profiles.

Legislation & Activity

We are also providing legislative data and activity which you can follow and get updates on bill votes as they happen. Investigate legislation according to your interest and be sure to share bill profiles and bill activity to your networks to let people know about legislation that impacts their life!

Causes: Organizations & Causes

Coming Soon! Causes are our interest groups that form the glue between all political activity. Causes are the categories of legislative data, the platforms that elected officials run on, and the interests that the general voter or member of the public has that organize how political activity is found.

Activis Nation

ActivisNation offers private accounts with innovative communication and campaigning features for all users within the political spectrum. User accounts are available for elected officials, candidates, political organizations, activists and journalists. This central digital ecosystem offers unique opportunities and solutions for organization-level operations and electoral campaigns, with scalable information sharing and greater access and to voters and volunteers. Also, ActivisNation offers political campaigning features that rival and best current national providers - by having ONE political community working in concert towards a more equitable political process, in an ad-free, facts-first, trusted political forum. 

ActivisNation core feature-set offers unique solutions for the many last-mile roadblocks in get-out-the-vote, grass-roots campaigning. By networking elected officials, candidates, political organizations and committee’s by state or county region, we can offer ‘crowd-funded’ distribution of service to smaller local partners, affiliates or chapters - something that has never been achieved until now - we can deliver services through regional organizations to local grass-roots initiatives at a substantially reduced cost for all. Add to these features the participation of the public user base who are looking for accessibility and transparency in essential government data, and news, and a place to organize around a cause, within a user-friendly interface - ActivisNation is a unique gathering of participants. Candidates, elected officials and political organizations can now symbiotically grow their direct access to voters by being more transparent and accessible, which in-turn increases public participation in local politics and as such, provides greater access to their voting community. 

ActivisNation is powered by a proprietary SAAS platform architecture for local-to-national expansion, combining government data api’s, news aggregation algorithms, innovative digital campaigning tools and user account networking, for a one-of-a-kind service for political organizations and electoral candidates, elected officials, peaceful activist causes and the general public. ActivisNation can connect every cause, person, village, town, city, county, state as well as be delivered across all digital platforms, touch screens or future interfaces.

Activis Donor Portal

Coming Soon! The Activis investigative tool with automatic cause matching allows donors to research the links between a candidates past and the platform they have chosen to run on, and allows donors to track the elected officials adherence to that platform over time. We give donors the tools to choose their elected officials according to how they match their political interests - on the issues and causes that impact their life. We think by giving these tools to donors we can transition from identity politics to real facts driven action.

Work With Us

We are a startup! We need volunteers, students to help us. Please reach out if you like what we do and want to contribute in action, word or finance. More to come soon!